Insert photo
I can not put my pictures on the static pages (or they do not appear)
I left a USB stick then I posted a picture on my desk
I added as they explain but I do not see it appear!
thank you for your advice and good sales to you all
Author : cbatnord
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Creation : 2011-01-10
KAGOUN said ...
hello, maybe the photo has too much weight, try to reduce the size or quality and try back online to check

Chti said ...
Yes, if not too heavy picture possible. You must be reduced. Good formula that I used: I have a blog where he accepted the weight of a photo opportunity and very easy to set thumbnail enlarge. Just then put them loose on the blog and get listed under ideal setting for shopping King. Something a little longer, but if someone else knows better ...
Anonymous said ...
With image editing software, it's faster. I use Photofiltre.
KAGOUN said ...
else if photos are in jpg and do more = 60K

small software online in seconds reducing the size of the photo

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