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Here I am trying to make my entry and I have a text formatted in Word I would like to insert in my column how to do it without changing my layout ...
because when I copy and paste it makes me a box I have my paragraphs ...
thank you for your answers and your help!
Author : ethan
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Creation : 2010-09-17
CSX said ...

KES can not create paragraphs in texts.
So whenever you write your line by creating a text and then place them as you wish ...

I tape all in one word I do print screen and I save as image.
After I add my site as an image and everything is beautiful all clean ...
It is a little less clear but it gives an excellent résultt, you really have to know to see the difference!

By doing this, you will not get a good ranking on Google because Google does not include image files ...
I do not count on Google to sell my products, but on my own advertising customers and therefore I do not care a bit ...
It is best to use this carry on pages with lots of content and use the normal procedure for other KES.

Warning: you can not put your text and images above. It's one or the other!

Hoping to have helped more than one ...

Ever yours,
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