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Where can I see the dimensions (not resolutions) images that I insert (header, home page, book) so they fit perfectly with the page
Thank you in advance
Author : lamomedemon
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Creation : 2010-04-08
KingEshop said ...

It depends what you mean by ''size'' and ''resolutions''.

If you talk about the weight of pictures, here's a question of our FAQ will help you :

If you mention the size in pixels, in the form of each product (in your administration) when you want to insert images, you can see what is the size in pixels for a small and a large image. Here's a question of our FAQ will help you (go to' the steps ''18 - Little image'' and ''19 - Big image'') :


KingEshop Team.
AlainD said ...
Good morning.
For the header, 990x93 pixels. For products, max 585x350 for the big picture and 185x150 for the small. For the homepage I do not know, it depends on the model chosen I believe.
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