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I still do not know how to make the images forming links ... You know, when the mouse is over the image, a hand appears ...
Someone Will it help me?

Thank you in advance!
Author : MystiMiss
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Creation : 2011-01-27
business82 said ...
good evening
if I'm not mistaken, once your image is inserted, you double click it you see a window where you can link between your url you tick ....
I am not sure I like it starts and it's not easy ....
KAGOUN said ...
hello, indeed business82 right, in the editable page (eg Home) Double click on the image, then insert the link in the fields below will be apparent to the URL or email address, then check URL or E email

KingEshop said ...
Hi MystiMiss,

Here are a question that our FAQ will help you :


KingEshop Team.
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