I worked harder than you think the outcome?
I dare to quit my first little phew!, Since I just finished my custom clothing boutique and couture for dogs www.dogenvog.fr

Project dear to my heart for almost 3 years.
I am currently in Spain, which did not facilitate the various approaches but voila!
Level optimization, there are still further progresse to do.
What do you think? Any comment is good to take!

Thank you in advance

Author : dogen vog
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Creation : 2010-02-01
Anonymous said ...
Bravo for your efforts.

But I think the logo of your page services, you should use it to make the header logo for your site.
A logo that flashes, it is not necessarily a good idea.

good continuation
Armelle said ...
Very nice shop and complete. Same comment than Anonymous for the logo flashing.
Suggestion: highlight on the homepage that is unique creations or limited edition because I wondered if it was you who was making these clothes.
Good continuation
Anthony said ...
Hello and congratulations for your work.
Your site is very nice, but here are a few personal remarks.

1 - Your header: Animated GIFs are obsolete and annoying. Better a fixed band!
2 - Your home: When navigating through the categories in the left menu, your site is very pro .... but the homepage is very amateur. I suppose you've spent time on it ... and I think more your home will be sober, the more your site will top and pro!!

But otherwise it's very good.

Good continuation.

Agnes said ...
I love your site. I love what you do for dogs. Too bad I have a golden, it's too big for this style of clothing. If I had a little dog on it that I buy you something.
I put your site in my favorites for the event ....
For cons, I agree, a header flashing is not great.
Good continuation.

benebond said ...
Wouhaou, but how did you do to make this convenient links, I like it
dogenvog said ...
Thank you for your constructive criticism! They meet all of elsewhere, which enabled me to improve my site more easily. So I changed the header by placing a logo and fixed by adding a short sentence that describes the purpose of the site.

A big thank you to you, is super nice and very encouraging!!

Benebond, just work your photos or images with any software and convert them into lien.Et voila!

I await other opinions!

A bientot

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