I want to sell jewelry
Hello! I did not shop but I sell jewelry via the net while staying at home? as I do not know much about computers, I wonder if your site is appropriate for what I do! all I know is that I must take these jewelry photo and give them money! " and then!
thank you very much!
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Creation : 2009-09-22
Céline D. said ...
To create your shop on KingEshop, you will have to roll up their sleeves ...
I advise you to start reading the FAQ is really simple to understand and full of valuable information for your store succeed.
Then if you seem captured by the concept KingEshop, register yourself and your shop will automatically online.
You will just have to fill it.

Note however that the online business requires you to have a legal existence as a society or at least as self-contractor.

Good continuation
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