I want to sell but I do not know where to start
Hi, I'm at home mom and I am very interested in your website sales by internet but I do not know where to start I want to sell either a flat cake Flexipan or else how to thank you for helping me.
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Creation : 2010-01-05
Marie said ...
we must begin by developing a project written in deciding what will sell, how and why! Then doing market research and targeting potential customers ...
ARTFRIKA said ...
makes your home page d c is the most important one must work seriously
made a list of your income (for the photos I used photo filter to reduce them) and to sell your items (you peus you also create a banner) is looking for incoming links from what you sell me I'm fact sheet broullion scratch and I've gradually as He looks at my site, artfrika.kingeshop.com if I can help you no problem
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