I opened my shop
Tell me what's wrong!
I listened to your advice to shipping, at first it seemed so frightening, it is also necessary that I see for payments by credit cards ...
Thank you for your opinion, even if they are critical!
Is it expensive to change its domain name?


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Creation : 2009-10-06
Jean-Michel said ...
Hello to the domain name is less than 10 at 1 1

Regards JM
elka said ...
10 euro per month?

Delphine said ...
No, it KingEshop year and you put it up for free.
I also took at 1and1, they are very good.
katia said ...
I wish long life to your store ...... and I wish you good luck

elka said ...
Thank you for your answers, it is not expensive at all, I'll think about it ...
Elka said ...
As I have no criticism ... I think everything is perfect .... but perfection does not exist ... So the pros of trade? ...

I'm getting a lot of visiting even the U.S. .... but not control, I think it will come because I fix IP addresses that return ...
Ni62 said ...
Hello Elka,

will see work from planet they are not very expensive year for a domain name and hosting, or at OVH, I think it's something like 70 years inclusive at the

Good continuation ;-)
Alizé said ...
I found your site very interesting but I think it lacks something ... qq

home profile and you should space your text by creating more spaces for text is a bit unreadable ... You can also use fonts of different sizes to show what is imprtant to know

Why do not you mail an address which corresponds to your shop like elka-création@live.fr because I think it is more pro.

Then in the photo section to my daughter I think this title is not quite evocative and rewarding, instead try exeption of a photographer or photo of a pro or another and after the page where you said it your daughter.

I hope I helped thee,

best regards,

www.polynesiatahiti.fr (I did not put product, I expect that my site is finished but if you got comments not hesitate!)
elka said ...
Thank you all.
Thank you Alizé, I'll try to follow your advice. I have taken them to my daughter at the beginning I had put too many pictures, she told me it was clutter and that it hurt the eyes ...

Otherwise, I'll put my items in as and, examples of embroidery etc ... At the moment there is not much. We must manage it all together ...

I put your address listed, is what you're really in Tahiti, or is for us to dream?

Elka said ...
Alizé I went on your site, you'll certainly sell beautiful things I have not seen if you clarify if you were originally from Tahiti, this island that is dreaming. I know they make beautiful fabrics with wonderful colors, I saw on TV a story of Antony on these islands. I put myself in Gauguin's paintings and many flowers, but just as stupid idea, I think we dream .. And the address I put importer .... Even if it is a little fake ...


Alizé.K said ...
Hello Liliane,

I Marquesan origins (my father is from Fatu Hiva and mother of Brittany;)) And yes, AC is perfect, I went down the 1 months to see my family but travel is expensive ... that's why I decided to build my business around this theme there with my companion.
For now I'll sell textiles with motifs Polynesian above ... Then I intend to import (it merges your idea) with my family the bottom of handicrafts (Monoi, necklace, sarong, etc. ...) but all in good time;)

it is a very good idea the idea of Gauguin's paintings ... I took notes.
I think creating a new category of artists islands or history of Polynesia, I'll see.

thank you for everything

and nana (= goodbye)
Elka said ...
How is it that in seeking Elkacreations in google, you come across this message, then that it takes a password to enter the forum??
Anonymous said ...
must not password in the forum
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