I have visits from search engines
In my administration page in search engines I found 3 guests, among them Google and Yahoo, just when I type the name of my site in those search engines they do not always find . Is this normal? What is the 8217; explanation of their visits?
Thank you to everyone and especially a KingEshop.
Author : asmalto
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Creation : 2009-10-15
Delphine said ...
They are now you referenced.
If your site is new, leaving them a few days
asmalto said ...
Thank you Delphine
jerome said ...
and if you gave us the link to your site (you would have had 1 visit)
j love me my opinion on how the search engines you will referencer in 1st page or much later
asmalto said ...
ok, so my site is www.kecomca.com
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