I can not find my site on Google
I know how to see if the site is online since this is already almost 72 hours, and despite my research on google, I can not find my site.
thank you in advance for any response that will help me.
my site: www.angelcoquine.fr
thank you
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Creation : 2010-01-31
Anonymous said ...
Be patient ... it took me 10 days and again I'm lucky apparently. Sometimes it can take several weeks.
best regards
niwa said ...
Hello Angel,

Before seeing your site on a search engine requires that their robots visit your site.
This may take several weeks as spam reviewed all the sites one after the other for references.
But that spam you are informed you have meta description tags and meta keyword.

What is it?

Meta tags are invisible blocks of code commonly used by search engines to index websites. Indeed, they allow search engines to return more relevant results from a specific search. The two meta tags are the most important keyword tags and description.

The meta keywords should match the keywords and phrases that your customers are likely to use when searching for your page. You must define each word or phrase (usually between 5 and 10 words) by a comma or a space.

The meta description should be two or three sentences that describe the content of your webpage. Always try to include one or two keywords to produce the best results possible. When writing your description, remember that some search engines display in the results of their research and therefore it is important that the description is accurate and relevant.

KingEshop on general configuration you will click on the planet you see data relevant to the search engines you information and description, and keyword.

Voila good luck
didie said ...
it's normal to site is not yet sufficient reference. 72H is tot. If you want already exists outside the administration he will just put the whole address in the search bar at the top and not google. That will come. Viewing the forum to reference you'll find all the explanations
KingEshop said ...

Please read these two articles very carefully, it is in french but you can translate it with Google's translator :




KingEshop Team.
angel said ...
good evening,
thank you for your answers.
regarding the links, I've already read but I did not need much time for a site apara.
thank you again.
best regards
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