I can not create product although required fields
It's infuriating, at this time (yesterday) when I want to create a product and I filled the boxes (except transport
pex) every time when I click create I reiterated the need to fill the fields but all fields are filled
! (in any case there is no further mention mandatory field in red, the only visible indications are correct in green)
What to do?
is frustrating, I can not move!
Author : Nono
Readings : 569
Creation : 2009-10-29
KingEshop said ...
Hi Nono,

What browser and version are you using?


KingEshop Team.
Nono said ...
uh ... windows ... but it's not the latest ... I do not remember (I'm a little embarrassed, that's where I can check?)
Yesterday evening it was still the market but I do not know why because I have not particularly changed my way of proceeding.
nnb said ...
I happened to me too when I Trolling create my product, or I let my site waiting more minutes and I create a product.
must refresh the page before starting the creation and to the creation of a time fast enough.
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