I appreciate your opinion

Would you spend a few minutes to myself to give me your opinion on my site please?
I had the opportunity to see some very critical eye and this can only help to improve, thank you in advance!

Author : zaz'ile
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Creation : 2010-10-23
SergeD said ...
I found your site very well done, very nice products, nice pictures and very complete information, just your site template a bit dull in color, I do not know if it is possible to put a green a little brighter?

Good sales

Anonymous said ...

Photos from your catalog are successful, congratulations! CNIL your number is too small and hidden, display it as your homepage.

On your homepage, make sure you have text overlapping, it is unfortunate such a point that Green ride??

Otherwise the whole is good.

Good luck, and welcome.
zaz'ile said ...
Thank you for your comments, nice.

I do not understand why the phrase the tropics at home .. to walk every day, I shall give up!

The green dot, I had lost yesterday!

and then for photos, not too much credit: I am a photographer ...
Good Sunday to all and thank you to you and KES
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