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Hello community KES.
Following address to my shop. Your comments are welcome.

Good day to you all!
Author : Chris
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Creation : 2010-10-20
Anthony said ...

- First thing, keywords stashed on your homepage, it was good 10 years ago.
Robots hate it, you can get blacklist by the search engines for that. I will avoid if I were you ....

- Otherwise, your site is pretty pro, but I find the home page a bit too busy.
pastek1 said ...

Well I love your boutique.Les prices are correct, clear and detailed topics. missing number may be cnil unless I do not see ale

Good luck and good sales
ROLLING44 said ...

Already a good choice, good point, for cons I found the homepage a little too aggressive in the principle of contrast black / red, a little violent in the eyes. Otherwise put more value than you are, I understand, Pointe a Pitre? may be more to match your clothing line and the side creating exotic ..
Otherwise go see mine, and be as constructive criticism ...
If you want I want a link exchange, a second with just a clothing site, if you want to exchange banners provided to put on the homepage, let me know.


website: http://www.satisfactionteeshirt.kingeshop.com/
Rongeurs said ...
I start with the negatives

In the service part, you've noticed Institution for instead institute.
If your red box is empty, you should remove it would give a better visual.

That's all I found negative.
The shop is rather well designed. The sockets are rather affordable conditions whatsoever of good quality: o)

Chris said ...
Anthony: Response Action! After verification of the interpretation of search engines, I removed the keywords in the homepage. Yet I was convinced that the effect was the opposite! Thank you for making.

Pastek1: CNIL n is mentioned at the bottom of the homepage. Thank you very much for your remarks and for your encouragement. Similarly for artsurcéramique.

Rolling44: red and black are the colors of the logo LNC, and all our products follow the custom logo bags, packaging delivery, business cards, leaflets, etc..
But it is true that I have taken risks because the colors are not the sweetest!
Thank you for your various comments, I will visit your site and get back to you then.

Rodents: same Anthony, Action Reaction: institute is fixed!
As for quality, do not worry, the staff dresses with LNC products and they are beautiful and fun to wear! Thank you very much for your comments
Anthony said ...
Super Chris
It takes shape and starts to make all this very well.
Everything seems pretty positive but I think you can still improve your home, especially with regard to the pictures.
For example, move your pictures paypal colissimo from red to white box below the CNIL n, you will gain in clarity.

You're on the right track, good luck
Chris said ...
Indeed, it is clearer!
There was a bottleneck at the bottom of the page.

By dint of trying to detect everything, we do not see anything at times!
Thank you Anthony.
Anthony said ...
I know, it was always more trouble with his own site with others.
I manage to give an opinion on another site ..... I am unable to take a step back on mine!
Chris said ...
and yours is?
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