I am creating my site and I am completely lost
Hello. I introduce myself, I am Hesperance and I make jewelry. I do not know where to click to put my logo, to create my home page, etc.. Whenever I enter my admin link I have to fill a box with a code, then I found a site that is not mine. I started as a webmaster and I do not know what to do. Could someone explain to me (without too many technical terms) what I should do, have to create my homepage (I found how the products fit). Thank you all.
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Creation : 2010-01-08
benebond said ...
the authentication code is required for security, then the site where you fall is only an outline to give an idea of how you can arranged your site to change your home page you will tab on my site, general and you have all the tab pages static dedant you have your home ... you click home and you can return the photos, text, put page, change the color, font ... Rummage must try, you can do it when you have taken the folds, it'll very quickly.

KingEshop said ...
Hi Hesperance,

Please see our FAQ, it contains all the necessary information to help you :



KingEshop Team.
Hesperance said ...
Thank you, I managed (?) To develop a logo, but I made a mistake, I did not realize that home as a base, I replaced by a blank page, and since I just text your message here but I can not replace my text ... I think I'm not about to open my shop! I changed my template but I get the same thing ...
Thank you, I can not find this case in the FAQ.
Hesperance said ...
I managed to get the model but I only have the move tool when I click the left or right. How come my text?

Thank you
Delphine said ...
In the faq it aut go for a static pages.

Follow the advice of KingEshop takes the time to read the FAQ and if you do not understand something, come ask us.
ca do too much explanation and lafaq is well written and very clear.

we all been there at first.
Good luck
benebond said ...
you double click on your text, and then you write your text and format it, you click on the little tab text, you choose the font color, size, then you do not forget closed and register at each manip.
alice said ...
If I understand correctly, you found the template page with text that is not yours. You must know that each text element is included in an invisible box. When you want to create text, you'll click the T icon at the top of the page (there is a small set of icons corresponding tools for Text, Picture, Save, and change template pages). You'll find the words: Text here. Double click, remove characters, replace them with your own text. You have the tools of choice of character size, color, etc.. Validate your message Close. The text will go and ask anyone in your page will require that you hold: Read the FAQ KingEshop quietly, they are very well made, I learned the next step.
If I may advice: do not go headlong already plan a leaf on the content of your page, design it, write text, set titles, preparing format images (FAQ), then when you all the elements, passes to the configuration. Again: if you build your page, record each time (click the disk icon in the top).
good luck.
Anonymous said ...
Thank you, I'm starting ...
Hesperance said ...
Thank you, it was enough to know that you have to click twice ... (I have not seen in the FAQ) now it progresses.
Thank you all and see you soon, because I have not finished!
benebond said ...
you give us your link so we went and see if if you want to give you advice, ideas.
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