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How to use Alexa ?
How to use Alexa?
Alexa is a wonderful tool developed and owned by the renowned
The primary use of Alexa is that it allows you to quickly assess the ranking value of your website and those of your competitors’ site.
By using Alexa, you can do three things:
1 - Properly evaluate your site and see how it changes over time.
2 - Assess your competitors.
3 - Assess your website partners in order to facilitate link exchange.
How Alexa works?
There are about 100 million website worldwide at any given time. If we were to put them in order of rating value, the best website would rank at #1 and the worst website at 100 million.
So if your site ranking number is low, your website rating is very high.
In general, a site with a lower than one million ranking is valued in the top 1% of the best sites worldwide and any ranking higher than a million diminishes the website value to 0.1% of best site worldwide
By installing Alexa on your website, you can instantly, at all times, view your ranking status. An incomparable tool in today’s worldwide marketplace.
Here's how to do (it's easy):
1 - With your Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer browser, go directly to the page of the website of Alexa and download the toolbar.
Here is the address to download the Alexa toolbar:
2 - Click the button ''Install Alexa Toolbar'' (on Google Chrome) or the button ''Install Alexa Toolbar'' (on Firefox and Internet Explorer) and follow the simple instructions to complete the installation depending on the browser used.
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3 - Write us and tell us on what browser (Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer) you have installed the Alexa toolbar. Our email address is:
Here the appearance of the Alexa toolbar depending of your browser:
With Google Chrome:
You must click on the ''a'' (for Alexa) to see the rank of the site:
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With Firefox:
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With Internet Explorer:
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