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How to update my computer after a change of domain name?
How to update my computer after a change of domain name?
If after obtaining your own domain name, you have trouble accessing your site, it is possible that it is the fault of your computer.
In fact, computers store for a certain time, the data of IP addresses corresponding to the areas visited recently.
To force your computer to empty the memory and refresh the addresses, follow these steps very carefully :
1 -
Close all open windows on your screen (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.).
2 -
Click the ''Start'' button, located in the lower left corner of your screen.
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Then click the ''Run'' button.
3 -
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4 -
A small window will open.
Type the letters ''cmd'' (lowercase) in the box.
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5 -
Then click ''OK''.
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A black screen will open.
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6 -
Type very carefully the following command : ipconfig / flushdns
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Note : Remember to make a space between ''ipconfig '' and the slash ( / ) otherwise the command will not work.
Press ''Enter'' on your keyboard.
7 -
8 -
Close the black screen, open your browser again and go to your site.

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