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How to transform a image into a link?
How to transform a image into a link?
A link is a word, an image or text that can be redirected elsewhere in the online store when you click on this word, this image or text. Example : In the homepage you have a photo of pants on sale this season, this picture you have turned into link that redirects (pointing) to the page of pants on sale. By clicking on this photo, your customers will be automatically redirected to the page of pants on sale.
1 -
Log in your administration.
Click on the button ''My web site''.
2 -
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3 -
Then click on the button ''Statics pages''.
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4 -
Click on the active static page in which you want to work.
The page editor will appear.
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5 -
Locate the image you want converted into a link.
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Double click on the text. The frame ''Manage this image'' will appear.
6 -
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7 -
Click the small circle next to the option ''URL or E-mail'' or it will be impossible to write in the field ''Put the URL or Email''.
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In the field under ''Put the URL or e-mail'', enter the address of the page where you want your image to (the page that appears when your client will click on the image has become a link).
8 -
Note : The address of a web page is located in the URL in your browser. It often starts with http://. Just select the address, copy and paste it into the field below ''Put the URL or e-mail''.
9 -
Click on the button ''Close'' the connection will closes. Your image is now a link.
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Note :
If you do not want to change the IMAGE into a link, click the circle next to the word ''None'', the address you inserted will disappear from the field ''Put the URL or e-mail'' automatically.
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10 -
Click on the icon ''Save'' to save your work.
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Tip : Go to your online store and click on the image you just turn it into link, you can check if your image will redirect your customer the specific location where you want it to be redirected. If this is not the case, repeat steps 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 and return to your online store to verify that the image redirects well to the right place .

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