How to run my store?
I create my online store
how to make it work
Author : Annie
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Creation : 2010-03-20
Anonymous said ...
verifies you have to deceive you, as 70 euro a pair lol
Jérôme said ...
Good evening,
to operate it do not forget the key in the world of shoes
The choice of SIZE
unfortunate oversights you will agree!!
How can you charge 20 for the sending of a pair of shoes !!!!!
Sales conditions existent
In the middle of the shoe is still provided the conditions of return for sizes or tastes of customers No conditions .......

Much work this WE
sam said ...
Your question is very vague annie!
What do you mean by running?
And when you say what did create your shop! is what you mean by that is that you finished?
valerie said ...
not enough choices
in high heels and mules nothing platform 1 pair
homepage not attractive enough (no photos ......)
nothing in the FAQ (better make it invisible)
ditto for customers and new ties
then as said above
no condition of sale and choice of size (very boring)
Good luck you'll get there! and good luck
Anonymous said ...
before running it should create the site and you just do it for nothing if you have 1 client every 6 months is fine

as it is empty and very expensive people will believe it is the scam

you have no number no number siret cnil not legal you have nothing on delivery etc.
Anonymous said ...
even worth the 15 euro in a shop
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