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How to round the corners of my image with The GIMP?
How to round the corners of my image with The GIMP?
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Note : If you have not yet installed The GIMP on your computer, follow this FAQ :
If you have already installed it, continue to read this FAQ.
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Click on the button ''Filtres'' then on ''Décoration'' and on ''Coins arrondis''.
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In ''Rayon des bords'', enter a number (eg 10). More this number will be big, the greater will the rounded corners be.
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You can also add a shadow if the case ''Ajouter une ombre portée'' is checked.
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If so, simply enter the numbers you want in the boxes ''Décalage de l'ombre en X'', ''Décalage de l'ombre en Y'' and ''Rayon du flou''.
Note : To have a shadow offset, enter the number ''8'' (or enter a higher value) in the field ''Décalage X'' and ''Décalage Y''. Otherwise enter the number ''0''.
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Leave the box ''Ajouter un arrière-plan'' checked and uncheck the box ''Travailler sur une copie'' for more simplicity.
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Click on ''Valider''.
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Your image is now composed of several layers, you must click on ''Image'' then on ''Aplatir l'image''.
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Attention, because of the shade, your image is larger than initially. If you need specific dimensions, you must resize it one last time by clicking on the button ''Image'' then on ''Échelle et taille de l'image''.
To help you with the size of your image, you can view the question ''How to resize an image with The GIMP ?'' of the category ''Image Processing'' of the FAQ.
Save your image.
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Remember that if you close your image and click ''Enregistrer'', you will lose your original image. Remember to work on a copy!
Note : You can cancel your changes and retry by clicking on the button ''Edition'' then click on ''Annuler (nom de l'action)'' or by do the combination of Ctrl + z on your keyboard.

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