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How to resize an image with The GIMP ?
How to resize an image with The GIMP ?
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Note : If you have not yet installed The GIMP on your computer, follow this FAQ :
If you have already installed it, continue to read this FAQ.
Resizing images is essential to match the dimensions required in the product data sheets and to have a size adapted to display on the Internet in the static pages.
Here's how :
Open your image with The GIMP. You can right click on your image then click on ''Ouvrir avec'' and search ''Gimp'' or open The GIMP software and then drag the image in the main window.
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In the window that is your image, click ''Image'' then click on ''Échelle et taille de l'image''.
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You can now enter the dimensions you want.
To have an image of less than 585 x 350 pixels (which corresponds to a product sheet), enter 585 in width. Press ''Enter'' on your keyboard and the height will be displayed.
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You might see that the proportions of your image, the height may be too large.
Simply enter the number 350 in the height and then press ''Enter''on your keyboard, the height will be displayed.
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The width will be slightly lower and the dimensions match.
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Verify that the dimensions in pixels are displayed and that the small padlock like a chain is closed to keep the proportions.
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Click on ''Échelle'' to apply the changes.
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Close your image and click ''Enregistrer'' if you worked on a copy made or ''Fichier'' then ''Enregistrer sous'' to get a copy of the original image and this image above and for that it is also under another name.
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