How to remove any items already present?
Hello everybody!

I have a concern, starting my site, it is already full of items (of TV cameras, ...) I would like to remove all I want to know if there is a way to withdraw from all injury or if I do it one by one?

thank you
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Creation : 2010-04-03
Anonymous said ...
well yes the site is full of articles TV etc. ...
He'll have to take them from you one by one, I personally have not found a way to do otherwise.
Good luck
christel said ...
if I'm not mistaken:

go to my (yours not mine) website in the site administration

then static page

activate the home page (for example)

click on W which is in the bar insert image, text.

and choose the empty page ... it erases all that is on the page.

but watch yourself what you wrote too.

Do the same for other pages.

I found it after I removed everything one by one!
Patricia said ...
Good evening

You can remove all of a sudden
in your admin you click my site, static page, home page and on the W side of the question mark, then select insérer.Vous blank page and get a blank page on which you can place your own articles

good continuation
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