How to put my shop online?
my site and almost finished, how to put it online, how long does it take to be on google?
Author : Alain
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Creation : 2010-03-11
Céline D. said ...
The sites are open with KingEshop online from the reservation of the name of your store with their service.

Next to appear in google, you will need to work on the SEO of your shop.
And that's where most of your hard work begins.

Good continuation
Alain said ...
thank you, Celine D. for the answer.
Céline D. said ...
But there is always a pleasure.

Best regards
Anonymous said ...
I read many post on SEO, everyone says it's hard and I confess that I did not understand much, but nobody ever said how to do this because the novice that I am the terms are somewhat barbaric and once understood the words, I do not always know how to do this or that ...
Anonymous said ...
The listing is basically a working pro, like creating a site.
On this forum it's very complicated to explain things for different reasons ...
When it says on a post itself is not read, misinterpreted, or simply delete.
All her to say that a minimum knowledge to build a site that is well referenced. Referencing to work immediately creating a site and not after.

best regards
KingEshop said ...
Hi Anonymous (the first),

To help you understand the SEO, please, read this article very carefully :


KingEshop Team.
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