How to name the pictures?
I integrated picture naming them with the store name, brand, products ... thinking that it was not bad for SEO but I have the impression that their name changed once integrated. Can you give me the standard way they are renamed?
Thank you
Author : Marina
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Creation : 2010-03-27
Kosta said ...
You want to integrate the photos it can be referenced on google searching for your products as images? I do not know if it's possible ... In any way mine does not appear in the first 30 pages on google, so it died. But I remain connected to this forum to learn more ... it could be interesting
Anonymous said ...
As Kosta said, I would like when you type the name of one of my products in Google Images, the photo appears. But I feel that the images are renamed when their integration into my shop. Can you confirm?
Thank you
KingEshop said ...
Hello Marina,

For better optimization, the image file is named after your product. You can verify this by checking the source code of your products.


KingEshop Team.
Marina said ...
Ok, thank you very much
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