How to make my site visible during construction?
Hi everyone, I just started hacking away on my site and during that time I did not want people falling over. I just saw that there already had English visitors. I do not know if the team KingEshop or visitors who have fallen over, at least not over a shop that does not pro. Can we make it visible and invisible??
Author : Nono
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Creation : 2009-10-16
Anonymous said ...
no you can not ...
philippe said ...
do not worry if it is not finished, so probably not asser index for both customers
Nono said ...
Thank you for your answers! Anyway I deleted what was left of the demo, so the TV already, but suddenly I do not know how to put more pictures instead. For the text, I get there.
I also find it difficult to integrate images products because of their size.
Photos suppliers are probably too heavy, I do not quite know how to put the right size. (example: 130, 180 kb)
Can you help me?
Good weekend :o)
LAD said ...
I use photofiltre for my photos, you can change their size. This software is easy to use and free download on the net.
You can also create your logo with changing the appearance of your photos, make edits. (in construstion)
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