How to know more cheaply?
Hello everyone,
Could you give me some tips to become famous at any cost?
Please answer me
Author : Françoise
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Creation : 2009-11-13
SucLingerie said ...
What is free is the forums, small ads ... it takes a long time but it can be profitable. Then there are the flyers, you do yourself flyers Gimp or Photosop and then submit them to the printers discount found on the Internet. You can have 500 flyers average about 40 euros. There are also pubs in google or facebook, but it is paying you choose your monthly budget. It'sa lot of work to do but know when we see our number of visits increased it's always fun.
Best regards.
Françoise said ...
Thank you for having responded SucLingerie, but I have some questions to ask yourself: What are the flyers, you can contact me for discount printers on the Internet?
Best regards
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