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How to install the image processing software The GIMP?
How to install the image processing software The GIMP?
Before you how to install The GIMP here is a presentation of The GIMP :
The GIMP is a free very comprehensive software. It allows you to edit photos, manipulate images, create animations for the web and much more. It is often found as a competitor to Photoshop, although The GIMP is completely free.
The GIMP was created under Linux and for Linux, so it is integrated with the most common distributions. It is also available for Windows XP, Vista and the other as well as Mac OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD ...
The GIMP is distributed under the GNU GPL. This means that you have the freedom to use the software for all possible uses, that you can access its source code to modify and adapt it to your needs, and that you can share your changes to benefit all users or simply distribute copies freely.
How to install The Gimp :
Windows setup is done by downloading The GIMP on the following websites :
Once the software The GIMP is downloaded, double click the file. exe and follow the instructions.
Installation for Mac OS X requires X11 you'll find on the installation CD for your operating system Apple. You can also find it here :
Then download The GIMP for Mac that you can find for example here :

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