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How to insert videos for my products?
How to insert videos for my products?
The function to insert videos for your products is in the form where you create or modify products. To learn how to create or modify a product, please consult the category ''Management of the products and the categories '' of the FAQ.
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Here's how to insert videos for your products :
Sign up in the site
1 -
2 -
Make videos about your products and insert them into the site
Your videos should be in full compliance with the terms of use of Please read them carefully before making your videos :
Note : We would like to particularly draw your attention to the conditions of use of, because we as KingEshop do not want to be involved in transgressing any intellectual property (copyright) or be associated with any other harmful activities.
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In the website, click on the word ''Share'', below the video.
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The window will appear :
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Click on the word ''Embed''.
4 -
The window will appear :
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5 -
Copy the code. To copy the code, click once on the code with the left button of your mouse, the code will become blue. Leave your cursor on the code and click the right button of your mouse. Choose ''Copy''.
6 -
Go to the sheet of the product for which you want to insert a video and paste the code in the field ''Video code''.
To paste the code, place your mouse cursor in the field ''Video code''. Click in the field with the right button of your mouse and select ''Paste''.
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Click on the button ''Insert''.
7 -
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A confirmation message will appear.
8 -
Read it carefully and if you agree, click ''OK''.
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The video will be automatically inserted into your site.
To see the result in, click on the link ''Watch the video related to this product''.
9 -
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To see the result in your site, go to your site and select the product. Click to see the details of the product and the video will start automatically.
If you don't want video for this product, click on the ''Delete'' button and the video will be automatically removed.
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