How to encourage sales?
I just opened my shop and I have no hardly visit what can I do to increase my visits and drive sales???
review my site interests me thank you
Author : celine
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Creation : 2010-06-01
didie said ...
There are many things to ca.
-First, your home page, not much photo.
-Photos of your products are too dark. Try to take them on the lights or using software to edit and change the background.
- Regarding Part category, this one is empty. Where are your Terms, your number CNIL, your legal (Your company address, phone number ...) and your number siret?
You need also added a category postage.
On-referencing, it is normal that you're just visiting, you have only just put it online. You should look at: How to improve its ranking in part to Fair question.
Céline D. said ...
When you create an online business, the first of quality is to be objective with respect to his work.

Ask yourself this simple question:
if I were an ordinary web surfers in search of jewelry, I buy on ...

To promote sales, you must have:
- Offer attractive and provided
- A site with a visually pleasing and worked (a logo is still the least)
- Photos quality products
- Detailed product specification sheets
- Terms mandatory reassure the potential buyer
- Information on your offer
- A mode of payment and delivery valid

We do not even know who you are or where you are (country).
Talk about sending Ecopli, but this service has not existed for years in France.
And why the return of a fancy jewelry is not possible in your shop? You're not a French seller?

For the moment your site is not an e-commerce is the reason why you do not sell and not sell.

Once you work for an acceptable site you can work and start your SEO and your visits.

The starting point is to reserve a domain name.
Then you should write some articles in the sections of your site to, among other things, attract the search engines you.
Finally you will need to promote your online store (on the forums, on google, in blogs, on facebook, etc ...) and elsewhere.

A lot of work ahead, arm yourself with a lot of patience and courage and things should take a good turn.

I wish you a good continuation.
Delphine said ...

Fully agree with Celine D.

There are also spelling mistakes, just on the homepage (the two short texts), there are 5.

For products, the pictures are not centered when you look at the items and they are too dark for my taste.

Disable an empty FAQ entry.

Why no return?? And the law of 7 clear days of withdrawal you doing?

No contact, I do not know who you are or where you are, no number and siret cnil, CGV, the means of payment, nothing. Frankly, an email address as you, it does everything but seriously, create a kind of bijoux.perle..... com / en that's a lot more serious than your msn address (it's like on the CVs, it avoids putting the addresses folk, we put a serious kind firstname.lastname..... en / com)

Good continuation

Anonymous said ...
make your site too fond
you have no issue siret
no info on shipping
no mention legal

your site too afraid to do a lot of work

is not to criticize but if I was afraid I customer
there was very little choice and too white
nwa said ...

For pity the faults faults! First look and errors (different, all made the s you do not have a single item, the accents where they are?? This article not this article! Take care all! As a buyer I will not want to buy if writing is not neat. I checked your site and it is not indexed in google. must manually submit their site to google.
moumou said ...
Your site does not work when you order, the more it seems as bizard no comment, when you warn of this problem, you meet many people ordering outside there is no comment, is it really serious to me scares, why not accept the refund cons as we are on.
Céline D. said ...
Hello moumou,

The payment against refunding is far from mandatory and widespread.
On the other hand, nobody can impose a payment to a vendor.

Anonymous said ...
cons reimbursement is 15 euro more for the customers he hates it when a mandate costs 3 euro
Anonymous said ...
To answer your question very clearly:
_ Your photos are not clear enough
_ Home boring again lack of products
_ No information about the company
_ Lack of product

That is why your sales do not take off. Go see on other sites and fish good ideas inspire you! All vien who is waiting will. Review the spelling with a software or someone to help.

Here I wish you good continuation, it's stupid because you have great achievements so do not give up!

Mylène said ...

Well if you have few visits I am not surprised.
I'll be frank and objective but to help you move forward.

Are you declared? No Siret n n cnil no, no address, no name, so all that is required. Otherwise it's fraud, there are careful controls!

Your header is not appropriate, it is sad and dynamism.

Your home page full of spelling mistakes is also very sad and empty, a customer has only a few seconds to stay on a page and be sure to stay to see the choice of reste.Le writing by cons is nice, keep it rewarding.

You indicate no possible return, you're out law, every salesperson should leave a customer return the merchandise within a minimum of 7 working days from the date of receipt of the parcel.

Same for submissions, the attention Ecopli are not suitable, you must have a tracking of your items to avoid litigation (letter max, forbidden, followed by letter is much better).

The top services are poorly organized and does not envie.osez a bit more aggressive in your speech!

The FAQ section is empty, you must either fill it or delete it.

In the contact section the phrase is not written correctemet we will be happy?

General Conditions Governing the sales and called on respect for privacy does not occur again while they are legal binding!

Pictures and prices by cons okay.

In short it is a daunting task to perform if you want a site up to date with the law and that is attractive.
A single slogan: Get to work! ;-)
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