How to edit my homepage?

I just created my site, but the concern is that I can not metttre my own words of welcome, the other profile and how should I do?
Thank you for helping me.
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Creation : 2010-09-13
Anonymous said ...
Hello. You go to my website, then static pages, you select the page you want to force change. The best is to click on w top right and select blank page to clear everything at once and make your page has your taste.
KingEshop said ...

Please see our FAQ, it contains all the necessary information to help you :


KingEshop Team.
chine said ...
Thank you for your reply, but I'm still at the same stage for editing my home page I go to web page on statistics I coccal and T w blank page after your text here cardre the record and nothing I write is my site does not change. I'm really discouraged.
Anonymous said ...
because you have to remember to save your page (logo diskette);)
Ano-nym said ...

I had the same problem at first.

In fact after writing your text and options are chosen (color, size, etc.) you must click on the close button. The text appears with all the changes. He then simply save it by clicking on the icon of the disk and it should work ... Finally, I hope for you.

Good continuation and good luck.
Anonymous said ...
How do I widen the margin of the text so a short sentence stays on one line instead of running on to the next line?

How do I block two sentences so each starts on a new line?

My homepage doesn't look very professional as it is.
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