How to display different prices?
Hello I wanted to know if it is possible to bring prices of products such as CHF, EU and dollards in the prices of products that the customer can select the price of his country.
Thank you
Author : pat
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Creation : 2010-03-26
Mylène said ...
From what I know your site is initially configured to receive euro so prices are always displayed in euros.
But in the interfaces of pages of each section there is a line or you can post as a subtitle for the product may be can you put the price matching by currency (long and tedious and must be rigorous level courses that are changing all the time).
But in any case it will be done automatically by the site last I do not think.
Good continuation.
Eric said ...
you can go to my shop that I do ...

I created 2 identical stores (one Euro and the other in Canadian $ ) the customer selected currency ca he wants on the homepage and ca see him on the store's choice of slogan ...
give me your comments how you found the proceeding.
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