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How to delete a text in my static pages?
How to delete a text in my static pages?
1 -
Log in your administration.
Click on the button ''My web site''.
2 -
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Then click on the button ''Statics pages''.
3 -
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Select a static page in which you want to delete text.
4 -
The static page appears.
5 -
Locate the text you want to delete.
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6 -
Double-click the text with the left button of your mouse.
A frame will appear, this is the tool for improving the text.
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7 -
Click the button ''Delete''.
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The following message appears : Are you sure you want to delete this element?
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8 -
Click ''OK''.
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The text will disappear automatically.
9 -
Save your work by clicking on the icon ''Save''.
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Tip : Save often in the editor and go to refresh your online store too often, that way you can see the results of your work at the same rate as your work beforehand, will be easier for you see where you've made.

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