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How to crop an image without keeping the proportions with The GIMP?
How to crop an image without keeping the proportions with The GIMP?
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Note : If you have not yet installed The GIMP on your computer, follow this FAQ :
If you have already installed it, continue to read this FAQ.
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A tool is specially designed for this purpose and allows you to easily crop a picture without keeping its proportions. This tool is called ''Découpage''.
In the image processing software The GIMP, take the ''Découpage'' tool. The tool is represented by an image of a small knife.
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Draw a frame with the left click button. This framework corresponds to the area to be retained when you press the ''Enter'' key on your keyboard.
You have 4 handles (the squares at each corner of the image) as well as areas on the 4 lengths of the frame you can change while maintaining a left click and moving the mouse to change the dimensions of this framework.
By maintaining a click inside the frame, you can move it to your liking.
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To eliminate all that is not selected, press the ''Enter'' key on your keyboard.
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Note ( 1 ) : Since you have deleted a portion of your image, it is therefore reduced. You can restore its original size or other by clicking on ''Image'' and ''Échelle et taille de l'image''.
Note ( 2 ) : To help you with the size of your image, you can view the question ''How to resize an image with The GIMP ?'' of the category ''Image Processing'' of the FAQ.

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