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How to crop an image keeping its proportions with The GIMP?
How to crop an image keeping its proportions with The GIMP?
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Note : If you have not yet installed The GIMP on your computer, follow this FAQ :
If you have already installed it, continue to read this FAQ.
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A tool is specially designed for this purpose and allows you to easily crop a picture with keeping its proportions. This tool is called ''Découpage''.
In the image processing software The GIMP, take the ''Découpage'' tool. The tool is represented by an image of a small knife.
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Left click beyond the image from an angle and drag the mouse to reach the opposite corner to select the entire image as shown.
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You will find four squares, one at each corner of the image. Click on one of them with the left button without moving your mouse and then press the ''Shift'' key on your keyboard (just above left Ctrl).
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Keeping those two buttons pressed, move your mouse to reduce the frame. You will notice that the framework keeps the same proportions, it does not deform.
Release the left click of your mouse and the ''Shift'' key on your keyboard.
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Move the frame by clicking inside with the left button of your mouse and while holding it down.
Place it in the right place, and release. If the frame size does not suit you, take one of the handles (one of the squares at the corners), hold the left click of your mouse, press the ''Shift'' key on your keyboard and move the mouse.
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When the frame is how you want it, press the ''Enter'' key on your keyboard and the image will be cropped by removing everything that was not inside.
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Note ( 1 ) : Since you have deleted a portion of your image, it is therefore reduced. You can restore its original size or other by clicking on ''Image'' and ''Échelle et taille de l'image''.
Note ( 2 ) : To help you with the size of your image, you can view the question ''How to resize an image with The GIMP ?'' of the category ''Image Processing'' of the FAQ.

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