How to create cuts charges
Hello, I'm new and I know how to create discount postage for buying multiple items. I sell dvd has little money, and customers prefer to buy multiple DVDs to reduce the shipping cost. The price of shipping that I offer is of 2.22 euros per item. I propose a 1 euro for each additional item. But when did select several objects at the cost of each port is added. thank you
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Creation : 2009-12-17
KingEshop said ...
Hi J6R7,

It is not possible. For now, the shipping cost are cumulative. We expect to improve shipping cost soon, but we can not give you a date.


KingEshop Team.
Delphine said ...
The best is yet to make an entry charges.
You make product delivery.
1, cd to the package 2.22
2 cd, 3.22
3 cd, 4.22 ...

By cons, it is necessary that it be visible to the buyer that he must add itself as a classic if there may be omissions.
artfrika said ...
I put my postage was achieving my ad
or is the writing ex: 25%
may be it can help !!!!!!!!!!!!
Elo0174 said ...
Put items for shipping ... you find that professional ?????
KeS is currently working on it so it is better to await the outcome I think.

For shipping, I pass by Paypal (only valid if you suggest the bank card payments and paypal account of course).
Delphine said ...
Is not there more pro but does suggest that payment by paypal, is not more
And more importantly, by causing an item the customer can choose registered or not.
That way no worries delivery.

In any case, it works very well for my shop.
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