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How to create custom text with The GIMP?
How to create custom text with The GIMP?
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Note : If you have not yet installed The GIMP on your computer, follow this FAQ :
If you have already installed it, continue to read this FAQ.
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1 -
Click on the button ''Exts''.
2 -
Then click on the button ''Logos''.
3 -
Select a model (Chrome, for example).
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4 -
Enter text and click on ''Valider''.
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Try different options until the desired effect. You can try ''Chrome'', ''Contour 3D'' and all others that might suit you.
Here is an example with the option ''Chrome'' :
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5 -
Before saving your image, you must flatten. This is to merge the layers that make up the image so as not to pose a problem of display and recording.
To do this, click on ''Image'' then click on ''Aplatir l'image''.
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Click on ''Fichier'' then ''Enregistrer sous''. To make a shortcut press the keys simultaneously : Ctrl + Shift + s.
6 -
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7 -
Give a name to your image. This should usually end in .jpg. Example : ''logo01.jpg''.
Choose where you want to save and click on ''Enregistrer''.
One last very important window will ask you the compression ratio you want to apply to your image.
8 -
Select ''Afficher l'aperçu dans la fenêtre d'image'' and move the slider to find a compromise for you between the weight and quality.
A highly compressed image will soon appear on the internet, but will also be less beautiful.
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It is also possible to close the window that contains your image. You will be asked whether you want to save the changes.
9 -
Attention, it also means that if for example you edit an image, the original version will not be retained as ''Enregistrer sous'' creates a new image with a new name.
That is why it is always advisable and practical to work on a copy of your pictures, when it is not, as now, a new creation as the logo.
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