Configuration and appearance of my website
How to create and manage my territories?
How to create and manage my territories?
Log in your administration.
1 -
Click on the button ''My web site''.
2 -
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You are automatically directed in the section "General Settings" - "General configurations".
3 -
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Click on the icon "Territories".
4 -
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The section for the managing of the territories will appear.
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- Create a territory :
Before you create your territories, you must configure the taxes that apply in your country in the section ''My web site'' - ''General Settings'' - ''Configurations of sales taxes''.
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For more information about setting up sales tax, click on the question ''How to choose the sales tax?'' of the category ''Configuration and appearance of my Web site'' of the FAQ.
1 -
Click on the ''Create a territory'' button.
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The framework for creating an territory will appear.
You can see that the taxes that you configured in the section ''My web site'' - ''General Settings'' - ''Configurations of sales taxes'' is automatically visible in the frame. shopping cart
Click the down arrow under the field ''Area'' and choose the area in which you want to create a territory.
2 -
The creation of the areas is used to determine where you will send your orders.
You have the choice between: Local, Near, Medium and Far. The "Local" area is the area closest to your business and the "Far" area is one that is located farthest from your business.
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3 -
Click the down arrow under the word ''Country'' and choose the country for the area that you are creating.
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4 -
Click the down arrow under the words ''Prov/State/Dep'' and choose the Province, the State or the Department for the area that you are creating.
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Note : You can choose as many Province, State or Department as you need. You can also choose to take all the Province, State or departments that we offer you, if this is the case select ''All''.
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5 -
Click the down arrow under the word ''Taxe 1'' and choose to activate or not activate the sales tax.
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Note : If you choose not to enable the sales tax, it will not be added or the amount of invoices for your customers, or the amount of shipping. It is essential that you activate the sales tax or you yourself will take these amounts from your government.
6 -
To create the territory, click on ''Create''.
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The framework for creating a territory will revert to its original state, that is to say, ready to create a new territory and the following message in green : The territory has been created.
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Note : You can create the number of territories as you want, simply repeat the five steps above whenever you want to create a new territory.
Here are the results in an online store :
The results are visible in the ''Checkout'' page. This page appears when your client finished his purchases and he clicked the ''Checkout'' button.
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To see areas that you created, click the down arrow next to the word "Choose" in the sections "Billing information" and "Shipping information".
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- Manage the territories :
1 -
Click on the button ''Manage the territories''.
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The list of all the territories you've created appear.
Whenever you want to make changes to your territories, you must remove the territory in which you want to make changes and then start again.
To delete a territory, click on the ''Delete'' button beneath the ''Action'' field of the territories you want to delete.
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- Select the cities :
Click the button ''Select the cities''.
1 -
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The framework for register cities will appear.
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2 -
Enter the names of cities in which you agree to ship customer orders in the box next to the words "City list".
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Separate each of the cities by a comma. If they are not separated, they appear as one word and your customer can not select a city.
Here are the results in an online store if you do not use a comma :
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Here are the results in an online store if you put commas :
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After entering the cities names, click on the ''Update'' button to save your work.
3 -
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Here are the result :
When your customer is ready to pay his bill, he will definitely choose one of the cities that you have entered if he wants to complete his purchase :
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Tip : It would be better to allow your customers to choose for themselves the city's to ship their orders to, because it may be that the cities you have chosen do not correspond at all to the cities where your customers lives. By limiting the choice of shipping orders to a few cities, you may lose many sales.

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