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How to create a slideshow on .gif format with The GIMP?
How to create a slideshow on .gif format with The GIMP?
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Note : If you have not yet installed The GIMP on your computer, follow this FAQ :
If you have already installed it, continue to read this FAQ.
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1 -
Open, with the software The GIMP, all the images you want into your slideshow.
2 -
Apply the filter corners with drop shadow to make the animation more esthetic (for example, for a photo in 10 million pixels, enter 150 in ''Rayon de flou'' to get a big enough shadow). Flatten the image and resize them with a few hundred pixels wide (350 for example).
To help you to apply rounded corners to your images, you can view the question ''How to round the corners of my image with The GIMP ?'' of the category ''Image Processing'' of the FAQ.
Save your images and close them.
Open the first image of your slide show.
3 -
Then, click on the button ''Fichier'' of the window that contains your image.
Then click on ''Ouvrir en tant que calque''.
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You will see a window allowing you to pick the images you intend to add to the animation. You can press ''Ctrl'' on your keyboard and click multiple images to select them at once.
Do not mix horizontal and vertical images.
4 -
Click on ''Fichier'' then on ''Enregistrer sous''. Enter a name that ends with .gif to your slideshow. For example,''diaporama.gif''.
Choose where you want to save your slideshow and click ''Enregistrer''.
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A window will appear.
5 -
Select ''Enregistrer en tant qu'animation'' and ''Convertir en couleur indexées en utilisant les réglages par défaut'' and click on ''Exporter''.
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A final window will appear.
Uncheck the boxes for the first ''Options GIF'' and tick all the boxes for the options ''Options d'animation GIF''.
6 -
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7 -
The option ''Délais entre les images lorsque non spécifié'' lets you choose the time between each image, with a millisecond.
Do not take a too low number because if you do the slideshow will be too visible, it will be flashing. Enter the number eg 7000 for 7 seconds between each image.
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8 -
Click on the button ''Enregistrer''.
Note: For the animation to be visible, you must open your slide show with an Internet browser or place it in your KingEshop store as if it were a classic image.

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