How to create a second window option?
How to create a second window option?
I sell ready to wear and shoes and I need the optional color coding and sizes.
Also, I need to indicate the quantity per size and not comprehensive. How do
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Creation : 2009-09-26
KingEshop said ...

It is not possible to create a second window ''option'' but you have several options for the same product. Here's a question that our FAQ will help you :


KingEshop Team.
Ni62 said ...
Hello Claire,

I had the same concern for my textile articles, because it's going to 4 xxs xl, for some and passes by a large number of color variation, the solution I found is to add the box product reviews tell my customers to provide in this box the color of their choice.

To get options after you put yes in the personalization box, and limit people. you put for example: Maximum 30 characters.

Good continuation ;-)
Anonymous said ...
Thank you for your reply but as you manage your stock relative to options. When I put 1 piece, ca does not even 1 piece per size. If I put the total in admitting that I have 1 piece per size is ca 1 everywhere!
I am unable to manage my inventory by item and size ...
I despair
Thank you.
Ni62 said ...
Hello Claire,

you can not manage the size pieces 1 at least create 1 article by piece, the better and nothing set in stock, otherwise your product will be visible but without the possibility of buying or invisible depending on what you put as configuration, and make yourself your stock management according to orders, and this time you change your paper to manage item and you add to as and in your text fields for example: red dress xl out of stock yet.

I had the opportunity to work on a number of e-commerce site with optional configurations more or less extensive, and are functions that I have never seen 1 size, 1 for the same product, they all have a unique function number for all the stock of the article.

good continuation ;-)
Anonymous said ...
THANK YOU. Finally a clear and effective response.
I'm going to adapt to the situation!
Thank you again.
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