Methods of payment, credit cards, Paypal and other
How to choose the payment methods I accept?
How to choose the payment methods I accept?
1 -
Log in your administration.
2 -
Click on the button ''My web site''.
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3 -
You are automatically directed in the section''General Settings'' - ''Generals configurations''.
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Click on the icon ''Accepted methods of payments configurations''.
4 -
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The section to configure the payment options will appear. This section is very large, so we present only a small part of the section.
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5 -
Click in the squares that correspond to the modes of payment you want to allow in your online store, small squares appear in brackets, confirming your choice.
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Note : For more information about the configuration of each mode of payment, visit the category ''Modes of payment: credit cards, Paypal and others'' of the FAQ.

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