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How to choose the currency will be shown in my online store?
How to choose the currency will be shown in my online store?
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Log in your administration.
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Click on the button ''My web site''.
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You are automatically directed in the section''General Settings'' - ''Generals configurations''.
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Click on the icon ''Currency used in the eshop''.
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The section to configure the currency used by the online store will appear.
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Arrow 1 : Choose : Click the down arrow and select the currency that you want to use in your online store.
Arrow 2 : Currency : Indicates the ISO code for the currency you have selected.
Arrow 3 : Description : Indicates the currency you have selected.
Arrow 4 : Viewing : You can choose the currency is displayed in your online store with the ISO code or the symbol.
Arrow 5 : Location : You can select the ISO code or symbol (depending on what you have chosen to arrow 4) is displayed before or after the prices.
Arrow 6 : Decimal places : You can choose to not put a decimal for your price but if the currency you have chosen requires a decimal, you can put up to 3 decimal for your price.
Arrow 7 : Decimal point : You can put a point, comma or Arab comma to your price.
Arrow 8 : Example : You can view a price displayed in your store depending on the choices you made.
Arrow 9 : Reports information if the currency you have selected is compatible with Paypal or not.
Note : To accept payments through PayPal, you must choose one of the following currencies (otherwise, the PayPal payment method will be idle) :$£ ¥ AUD CAD EUR GBP JPY USD NZD CHF HKD SGD SEK DKK PLN NOK HUF CZK ILS MXN BRL MYR PHP TWD THB

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