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How to choose a header image?
How to choose a header image?
1 -
Log in your administration.
Click on the button ''My web site''.
2 -
3 -
Then click the button ''Look''.
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4 -
Click on the "Elements of the header" icon.
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The page to choose or change the header of your site will appear.
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Note : You can remove the header image that is currently in your online store by clicking on the "Delete the current header image" icon.
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5 -
Click on the category that best fits what you sell in your online store.
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All the headers on this topic appear.
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Note : You can return to the category list header at any time by clicking on the arrow.
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6 -
Click on the heading that suits you most and that best fits your type of online store.
The following confirmation message will appear.
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Click on the ''OK'' button.
7 -
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8 -
The header will automatically be saved in your site. To see the new header saved in your site, simply refresh your site.

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