How to change the site address
hello, I want to know how to customize the website address.
my address is:
I would remove the "kingeshop" and I do not know how to do this.
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Creation : 2014-05-22
Anonymous said ...
read this :
charlotte said ...

I want to change my name but keeping the kingeshop in my name. When I signed up, I chose a name quickly and I do not like it. How to do this?

Thank you to all
Anonymous said ...
Write to kingeshop they will change your name.
charlotte said ...
Thank you Anonymous. I did what you told me and my name is much better :)

I'll buy a domain name soon but I want to build my site a little before.

thank you again
rony28 said ...
I want to change the address of my site, and I do not know how to do it. Someone asked this question a few days, but I do not see any response.

thank you
Anonymous said ...
the answer is a little earlier in this thread ...
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