How to change the name of my site
hello to everyone,
I am a novice in this field, and I just created my site that have not totally finished, but I decided to change his name ... How should I proceed?
Could you also advise me on these points: after completion of the site, what should it do to activate it?
How can I do to make it visible on search engines in Morocco?
Thank you in advance for your help
Author : rico
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Creation : 2011-01-17
KingEshop said ...
Hi Rico,

Here is a thread of our forum will help you, it is in french but you can translate it with Google's translator :

For your SEO, please read this, it is in french but you can translate it with Google's translator :


KingEshop Team.
Mylène said ...

To change the name while staying with the basic must contact KingEshop.
If it's for change and have a name. fr you just need to buy a domain name follow the instructions of the site that you bought for the transfer and also perform the procedures with KingEshop.
With regard to the posting when you have a site KingEshop your store is online it is finished or not.
In terms of Morocco I do not know how, maybe with googleadwords and their ads that target certain parts of the world.
rico said ...
Good evening and thank you for your answers,
I would just change one part of the name of the url of my site without changing the domain name .. Is this possible?
Thank you and goodbye
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