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How to add a reflection to an image or text with The GIMP?
How to add a reflection to an image or text with The GIMP?
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Note : If you have not yet installed The GIMP on your computer, follow this FAQ :
If you have already installed it, continue to read this FAQ.
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Open your image with The GIMP.
1 -
Note : You may need to select only the image if it has a lot of white around it. You can crop or select the white area with the magic wand tool and then invert the selection (sélection - inverser) to keep only the image that interests us.
Copy your image with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + c or with the button ''Édition'' and the button ''Copier''.
2 -
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Click on tne button ''Fichier'' and then on the button ''Nouveau'' to create a new image.
3 -
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Enter the dimensions largely greater than those of your base image to have enough space.
4 -
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5 -
Now make the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + v or click on the button ''Édition'' and the button ''Coller'' to paste the image you copied earlier. Do it twice.
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6 -
Take the travel tool.
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Place your mouse cursor on the image you just copied and click the left button of your mouse, keep your finger on the button and move the image down.
7 -
You copied the image twice and now you can see them separately, one of which will serve as a mirror (the one you are moving).
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Take the Mirror tool and check the box ''Vertical''.
8 -
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Click on the image of the bottom (later reflection). Make sure the bottom image (the reflection) is properly aligned with the image above.
9 -
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10 -
In the window layer, reduce the transparency (Opacity) to 30%. To view or highlight the Calques window click on ''Boite de dialogues'' in the window that contains an image that you have opened, then on ''Calques''.
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11 -
You can use the eraser tool with the brush ''Circle Fuzzy'' and opacity to about 30%. You can delete a part of the image (mostly down) for more realism.
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12 -
Click on the button ''Calques'' then on the button ''Ancrer les calques''.
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13 -
With the cutting tool, draw a frame around the image and press ''Enter'' on your keyboard to keep the image by removing unnecessary areas.
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14 -
Click on the button ''Fichier'' then on the button ''Enregistrer sous''.
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Enter a name with the extension .jpeg (eg image.jpeg) and choose where you want to save to your computer.
15 -
Then click the the button ''Enregistrer''.
Choose the compression ratio with the cursor. If the image is not compressed, it will be too heavy and takes longer to appear. If the image is too compressed, it will not be as beautiful.
16 -
Then click the the button ''Enregistrer''.
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Here are some examples :
Example 1 :
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Example 2 :
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