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How to activate ''Cookies'' in the Internet Explorer browser?
How to activate ''Cookies'' in the Internet Explorer browser?
Open your browser.
1 -
In the toolbar of the browser, click on ''Tools''.
2 -
A menu will appear.
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3 -
From the dropdown menu, click ''Internet Options''.
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A window containing the internet options will appear.
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Click the ''Privacy'' button.
4 -
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The window containing the ''Privacy'' options will appear.
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With the left button of your mouse, click in the line under the small rectangle until the word ''Medium''.
5 -
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Note : The original configuration of Internet Explorer places the confidentiality of witnesses login (Cookies) to Medium. If the level is not Medium, it is often because users have moved it themselves.
Click on ''Apply'' to save your choice.
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7 -
Then click the ''OK'' button, the window will disappear. The ''Cookies'' is now enabled.

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