How many visitors per day did you?
Hello all
We have just started and we wonder how many have daily visitors to sites like ours. For now we turn to a dozen visitors, and is not much. We seek an order of magnitude, a kind of reference. We would also like to know if anyone has any idea what percentage of sales / visits.
Thank you all
Author : Marina
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Creation : 2010-05-03
Anonymous said ...
hello, I for one am in the hundred or visit with auctions every day =) but this does not mean in the beginning I did not visit but a lot of sales (once a week).

in made a lot depends on yourself products're tariffs (concurennce rough), but also your listing on the web, plays a lot on advertising and invest! me for example I return to the amusement park st paul or jai managed to install my booth at the famous st paul tuning show!

two days after I exploded my beautiful turnover! certe publicitée I invested but I made myself the way back down I was able to have hundreds of visits but still églament sales ect ...

now hoping help
Alex204 said ...
After three months of activity 125 visits per day.

La boutique des series
Marina said ...
Thank you for your answers. We will try to move the stats ...
Delphine said ...

For my part I have between 100 and 110 and sales almost every day. At the beginning (5 months ago) I like you, a fortnight and a sale every 10 days and gradually it mounted.

It takes referencing, advertising, make themselves known and patience

Good sales:)

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