How do you know you?
Here in 2 months I had about 400 site visits but not 1 sale voila!
You know how you do you?
Are you referencing a generator?
I do not know how to advertise but not too expensive either!
Give me your experience thank you to all
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Creation : 2010-04-02
KingEshop said ...

The best way to get to know is to have a good SEO. Please read this article very carefully, it is in french but you can translate it with Google's translator :


KingEshop Team.
Anonymous said ...
400 visits is already a record how you doing?
Advertise on other site, ............ if so which ones?
thank you
jean-louis said ...
ditto for me
aloe said ...
I subscribe to the directory or free ad sites and I put my address
Otherwise I also have a page on facebook, and i send a contact from my friends hoping a string. But I still have no sale unless he has family and friends.
That if I just have sales and it is not won.
Ebay is super expensive and others I know, so I'm also searching for tips.
Thank you everybody.
Ano-nym said ...
It seems to me that the problem of your site is that you have lots of different products, but almost no choices for each product! In fact it's a mess but at 3 / 4 empty!
If you were in a real store and you will see that 2 coats and skirts on a 3 on, 2 jeans in a shelf, 3 minute and 6 poor necklaces earrings surrounded by 2 candles and soap nuts (c is an example), I'm not sure you want to buy either, not enough choice ... On the Internet it's like in real life, customers want to have the choice.
I think you would have to expand the choices for each product (at least 6 to 9 different models for each product, the pages are filled and that this impression is no vacuum!).
Alternatively, you specialize on some products a little more rare, like your lights out, your drapes (very nice), candles ... putting the package on that, with the choice ... brief you specialize a little more, since selling basic clothing like jeans or coats with only 2 models to propose I doubt that it works very much!
Otherwise the shape your shop is pretty cool, sober and tasteful, but watch out for quite a few spelling mistakes (it is not pro).
Why a section What is a sari, so you do not sell now? Remember to remove or disable this kind of detail, one gets the impression of a well run shop.
And you take your SEO, keywords, ... is very important to generate traffic!
Good luck to you!
By the way thank you to friend (s) lol for someone who has not made a sale a guestbook is well underway
Céline D. said ...
I totally agree with Ano-nym

Anonymous said ...

if I can afford more I feel like a blog than a shop selling work, too many different things! You did not specify domain is a little mess!
- It's missing your number siren not very serious customers are very suspicious!
- Your homepage is too simple
- It's missing a lot of products and choices.

Brief much work for a minimum sale
and one more thing you must learn to invest to make money if everyone earn money doing anything, no matter how everyone would!

good luck for the future for advertising I suggest you make flyers, business cards, banners on car sticker and the net referencing on annuraire serious forums to exchange links with sites known enough or it is no use nothing creates backlinks etc ...

maxivie22 said ...
I opened, there was 16 days
Total visiteurs3173Pages visited by personnes27044
Average visitors per jour198Pourcentage pages anglais0%
Average time per visite2m 38sPourcentage pages français100%
Average pages per visite8.5Pourcentage pages espagnol0%
Pages visited by moteurs1106

I have not done anything special yet!
Manager said ...

I visited your shop window and I can tell you that I would never buy from you!

Your site is so vague that it was hard, at first glance, to know what you are doing.

You confuse your identity.

It starts with your shop name: the charleve.

You give me the impression of entering a pub or a restaurant.

Then there is your header that has nothing to do with your business on the stroke, I believe in Marrakech and I am sure you will sell me carpet!

Then you say: The Charlève is an online store that offers a choice of products here and abroad.

It's beautiful but it all leaves me on my hunger: what do you here and your lies or elsewhere?

So far, you are not clear and you make me make efforts to guess who you are and what you do.

But I am curious and patient, so I will continue browsing your site.

I take a look at your products.

And there, by clicking on your categories, I realize that you have drowned in the confusion.

You are not a carpet seller, but a real weasel search!

And I realize that your offer lacking depth, you abuse the categories to give the impression of a wide range of products.

Your home is not selling and attractive.

Besides text content without impact and full of mistakes, you ruin the area's most important to your shop to display the information that should, once corrected, be inserted in spaces more appropriate.

Now, I jump on your topics.

I notice you create a contact us section which overlap with the contact page.

Then you go on with the good intention of converting rubriqueLa sizes but the way there, we quickly realized that the quality of work is rather rough and information are very slim.

In addition, you invite users to block your site to get info on sizing as I am in the category of sizes!?

Provided of course that is the courage to copy the link!

Who are you?

Ben must learn to go in the GTS category and not on profile!?

But if the user does not read your CVG, it will not be reassured to know who you are.

Create a field just to say that the charges are available from 50 euros purchases!

While it would a simple image to convey the same information with greater impact and greater visibility.

Heading guestbook.

Another topic that I find it absolutely useless and which removes a site already weakens the credibility.

It's like a personal page!

Topics nag Shampa and sari

What are they?

Do you sell these products?

If so, where are they?

Why not direct links to relevant pages?

Or you think you think I'm going to run through all your categories!?

Finally, I suggest you take a sheet of paper and draw a logical architecture of your shop because it is imperative to review everything.

Define once and for all your identity

Change header

Correct the many spelling mistakes

Create rich content and on your business

Enrich your offer

Rework categories

And finally, a FAQ page should be informed by the manager and should not get rich if and only if the customer asks questions.

And for the page link, to whom do you turn?

Personally, I would deselect those 2 empty pages, they do not sell or provide information.

@ +.

manager.univers @
Yvon said ...

Already on your homepage, you can not see immediately what you sell.

There are a lot of spelling

It lacks an explanation of the products:

example, wooden box (not carved sculp), there is no explanation on the nature of wood.
The more you add descriptive elements, the more likely you'll be better placed in the results of search engines.

On your homepage, you can put more pictures of different products for each category and put a link. By clicking on the photo, the visitor can go directly into the category of interest to see your articles.


aloe said ...
Thank you to you to give me all these tricks I'm going to work and i hope to finally win something!

Thank you to everyone even if it is not easy to read all these judgments.
romy said ...
I have an observation about the responses that I read ...

I find that some answers are a bit aggressive. I fully understand that the person who asks for your opinion expects eventual criticism and opinions varied, but the approach seems positive and merit can be better. at least for me it to me when cooled at the thought of doing the same with my site.

for your site, I also found that lack of products and it is not obvious identified. the name that you gave me none gives an indication of its contents and may obstruct it.

in any case with the time and work I hope you get to start your sales. good luck
Anonymous said ...
there are many spelling mistakes, even the home page.
some pictures are blurry.
for skirts, you want us to give you the color you want .... but there is no choice given. it should be put in the options when you create your products.
These are traditional products? if so say so.

Good luck, you know me either I have no sales no internet!
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