How do you find my site?

Hello I sell underpants man and for him
you find my site correctly?
thank you advance
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Creation : 2010-08-29
Stéphane said ...

I found the site very much! it is quite clear. Maybe a little too neat! it certainly text for your listing.

Lack information provided legal and general sales search engines appreciate it! and failure to have your site map is a pity I think.

Otherwise I love your b-boxsssssssss
vtu2noir said ...
Hello, original idea, a wide choice, clear, clean, not too expensive.

But nothing bad but thinking of turning your text here Your on page sizes! in fact you got the will to type a text and let the vacuum thing, he displayed a split second before your pictures displayed explanatory sizes, but if you go to display / / Page style / no style you see;)

Me I were you, I put the text first, that your history does not hide your image on the right topics at once because we can not see them.

I read in your guestbook 15,000 visitors thank you ... AC How long that your site is open? because when you're watching your world ranking has picked up quite a bit if I may say so and not even ranked in France.

In any case I have a little more time I'll see your shop more depth because I'll probably stuff that interests me)

ps: not seen CNIL number either.

good luck for the future.
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