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How do the settings for the online shopping guides?
How do the settings for the online shopping guides?
To be accepted in the online shopping guides, you must have your own domain name (without ''KingEshop'' in your name). To learn how to get your own domain name for free, please see the category ''Principal questions'' of the FAQ.
The following procedure shows you how to add products to your online store in the online shopping guides follows :
In french :
In english :
In spanish :
All these comparators are connected to the online shopping guide : and that is why if you sign up for one of them, you will not have to subscribe to others. For a simple reason for comfort, choose your language to register :
In french :
In english :
In spanish :
Upon registration, the online shopping guide information requires you to assess whether you agree or not. Be specific in completing their forms and normally it should not be a problem to be accepted.
Warning :
One of the important elements that you require is to provide them a list of your products (your catalog) in XML format.
To configure your list of products KingEshop side, we've simplified things up.
Here's how :
Go to the sheet of each product in your KingEshop administrator and select the category product in which your product should go in online shopping guides. Here, we are talking about the category of online shopping guides and not the category of your online store.
1 -
Note : The categories of your site and the categories of the online shopping guides are two things totally different and distinct, they have no connection between them. You do not have to change the names of the categories of your site for the names of the categories of the online shopping guides.
Beware of confusion: The functions (images) below are in your KingEshop administrator completely on the bottom of your listing of the product. Please, do not look for these functions in the environment of price comparison.
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For example, a product that would be in the category ''Deals'' for your site should perhaps be found in Category ''Plasma Televisions'' in the online shopping guides. So we must be careful to choose the right categories so that your products are well located by the Internet users who visit online shopping guides.
Note : If you leave any category for a product, it will not be in the list of online shopping guides (watch out for omissions).
To choose the right categories, see the following addresses :
In french :
In english :
In spanish :
Note : Be careful to insert only the name of the category.
For example, insert :
Plasma Televisions
and not :
htmlspecialchars(1010202) htmlspecialchars(Plasma Televisions)
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Once you have added the categories of online shopping guides in your products, just give them the address of the XML file with a list of your products. Here's how to get it :
2 -
If your address is :
The address of your XML file will be located at the following address :
For online shopping guides in french (warning, use lowercase) :
For online shopping guides in english (warning, use lowercase) :
For online shopping guides in spanish (warning, use lowercase) :

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