How do discounts on invoices
How do discounts on listed prices? I know that managing in products can be put below the products, reduced.
The only problem is that the reduction does not appear on the final invoice.
There are price of the item, transport, but the reduction is not taken into account.
Does someone can help me?
Author : John
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Creation : 2009-09-23
Delphine said ...
You must change the price directly in the box, you put the original amount and warn of the promo.

Anonymous said ...
Thank you

The only problem is that I must display prices from my supplier.
After that happens in my account, it does not care.
If I make it my problem reductions.
But in view price I have to keep the price of the importer.
Anonymous said ...
And the fact you where your margin? If you sell the same price as your supplier, I do not understand how you can generate a margin and therefore profit.
Anonymous said ...

You are very nice but I do not mean the price when I buy. I will speak of the sale price.
I can not fall below the price ctalogue trademark. (In view)
By cons I can make cuts.
I can not do it.
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